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Hello World!

I'm starting a brand-new blog with website builder Previously, I was using Weebly.

I'm not very tech savy, so hosting sites like Wordpress are completely over my head. Blogging should be easy, right? It didn't make sense to me that I was spending more time figuring out how to code rather than actually writing posts.

Since there is no easy way to transfer all my Weebly posts to Wix, I am starting anew! Over the course of the next month, I will be taking the opportunity to curate a new blog - revisiting my old posts, and re-editing them for posting on Wix.

Basically, Girl Contractor is a place for ideas on:

  1. Personal finance,

  2. Careers, and

  3. Construction

My lofty goal is to be semi-retired by 40. Being "semi-retired" to me is just a lifestyle that would allow me to work on my own terms. It means taking 3-day weekends every week, not having a direct "boss" to report to and escaping the feeling like I am constantly in the rat race. It means doing business which I can believe in and building my own reputation and brand.

When you work for someone, you have no brand. The purpose of your work is to develop your employers' brand. Everything you do, and everything you produce, is for the benefit of your employer. In exchange for your ideas, your time, and your physical labor, your employer gives you a paycheck.

I am tired of chasing after this paycheck. The more I work, the more I am turned off on the idea of being a W-2 employee. Propublica wrote an excellent article on how W-2 employees are actually the suckers of our economy. I couldn't agree more. Our tax system gives corporations and employers incentives for entrepreneurship, which include tax deductions and write-offs, while straight forward W-2 employees will be taxed the most, in relation to their income.

I don't like with how our health care system in America is from our employers. It just gives employees another way to be tied down.

I DO believe in hard work. I DO believe that one has to earn their dues, which include working less than desirable jobs when starting their careers. I do believe I am at this point in my career now. Having been in the workforce for 6 years, I don't believe I am quite at a point where I can quit my job and start my own company, but I DO believe that I bring immense value to any organization. I believe that I am valuable and if I don't hold myself to this opinion, who will?

Our society is very focused in telling us how to work our "dream job" - but why can't the focus be on creating dream jobs?

My goal in the next 10 years is to:

  1. Work for myself,

  2. Create "dream" jobs and be an employer (not an employee),

  3. Be financially free ($1M+ in assets),

  4. Earn an income stream of $10k/month,

  5. Have 60% of my income come from passive investments,

The purpose of this blog is to really hold myself accountable in tracking my financial and "career" progress. If you are interested in discussions on personal finance, work/careers, and construction - join the mailing list! Together, we'll go on a journey to achieve F.I.R.E (financial independence, retire early), whatever your own definition is.

A hui hou,


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